MagicMind artwork

A subconscious NFT journey awaits you:

Magic Mind is an NFT collection that celebrates mental health and self care by artist Kira Bursky.

There are 10,000 generated unique works of art, made using more than 1,000 pieces of hand drawn artwork. Each piece is layered with emotional and psychological meaning. When you look at the art, what do you see? What do you feel?

Magic Mind has been created by a heart-centered team that is passionate about bringing mental health awareness and support into the NFT community and beyond.

Are you ready to adventure into the magic with us?


Each Magic Mind NFT is a subconscious portrait layered with mental and emotional meaning.

Just like the subtleties of the human soul, every piece is unique, layered and occasionally unexpected. Each Magic Mind NFT contains a Mind Space, metaphorical patterns and other psychological elements.

Some Magic Mind NFTs are more rare than others. Rarer traits include energy beams, ladders and other mysterious surprises. A smaller selection of the NFTs are Subconscious Scenes: a dream mountain range, a floating eye, a prismatic waterfall, a mysterious doorway and more.

15% of all Magic Mind primary and secondary sales will go into a Mental Health Fund. Throughout our journey together, we will be making donations to charities as well as reinvesting funds into mental health resources to support our holders and the NFT Community at large. We are excited to go on this magical adventure with you...

Take our hand, and let’s begin:
  • You can get involved with the Magic Mind community now by joining our Discord. There will be special opportunities to get on our presale Magic List as well as exciting giveaways.
    The adventure begins...
  • Time to celebrate! We will reward our earliest collectors with an exclusive airdrop!

    We will begin donating to mental health charities by making our first charity donation of 10 ETH. We will collaborate with our community to decide on which charities we donate to.
    25% Sold
    Early Collector Airdrop + 1st Charity Donation
  • We will give out mental health related gifts to our holders… more details coming soon.

    We will make our second charity donation of 10 ETH.
    50% Sold
    Collector Gifts + 2nd Charity Donation
  • Time to bring Magic Mind around the globe! We will begin planning our worldwide gallery tour! From Seattle to Miami to Bali… let’s spread the magic! Where do you want us to travel to?

    We will launch our official Magic Mind merch store.

    We will make our third charity donation of 10 ETH.
    75% Sold
    Worldwide Tour, Merch & 3rd Charity Donation
  • We’re sold out! Time for an explosion of magic!

    We will produce a Magic Mind short film! With Kira’s background as a filmmaker, mixed with the talent of commissioned animators in the NFT Community, we will produce a mental health celebrating film… and YOU are the producer! All holders will have the opportunity to be listed in the credits! The film will be submitted to film festivals worldwide.

    We will begin planning a Magic Mind IRL event! The event will be a celebration of our collection as well as a Mental Health in the Crypto Space focused conference. All holders will receive VIP tickets. We will raffle off all-expense paid trips for 3 of our collectors!

    We will establish our Art Fund and begin collecting from NFT artists who explore themes of mental health.

    We will make more charity donations!

    100% Sold
    Short Film, IRL Conference, Art Fund & More!
What’s Next?

By holding certain Magic Mind NFTs for the span of a full moon cycle… what will you unlock? What will happen next? We have plans for more magic to come… stay tuned!


To learn more about Kira, you can visit her website here.


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Kira Bursky

Founder & Artist

Lindsey Ferris

Mental Health Advisor

Robert Gowan


Nik Ska

Generative Art Dev


Generative Art Dev


Web App Dev


Smart Contract Dev

Where can I purchase a Magic Mind NFT?

When minting goes live, you will be able to mint a Magic Mind NFT via this website.

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